Thursday, July 12, 2007

Study French Anywhere, Anytime

Learning another language today isn't an impossible task any longer. Anyone can study and learn French anytime and anywhere they want. What it takes here though is genuine dedication to learn the language no matter how confusing and sometimes, difficult it could get.

For beginners, you could learn straight from home. Don't worry about not having a live person teaching in front of you the French language word by word. You can rely on learning directly from online language sites. You can look for reliable websites on the net which offers native French speakers as teachers. This is great for starters and even those that don't have any idea about the French language since your teacher can guide you properly. The procedure is simple. All you need to have is a personal computer at home, a reliable internet connection at home, a free telephone software system installed on your computer, headset and a webcam (for both of you) and you're ready to go.

Depending on your French background, you can take extended courses at home as well. Your tuition though will vary according to the level of French studies you have done so far. Take note that in taking separate courses, slightly higher tuition fees is at hand. Expect to receive a summary of the French grammar and audio materials for vocabulary.

If you're not planning any summer getaway, you can enroll for a French course which could last for about a week. Check on your local universities that could possibly offer this option. It's going to be a short course because it serves as a review for those who have already studied the French language. This is perfect for people who want to refresh what they already know about speaking French.

Choosing distance learning, no matter where you are located or where you'll be taking it is a good choice though it requires your dedication. You can enjoy studying alone though be sure you keep track of your time in taking the courses. Study French below three years.

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Each Ollendorff lesson is delivered in three parts:

1. Formal grammar and vocabulary with the learning templates for the lesson is introduced in Part A

2. Part B contains practical sentences, in question-answer format, given in French only, firstly read slowly, with time for repetition, then more quickly.

3. Part C is in French only - this lesson is made up of questions for you to make up imaginary answers to. You should answer the questions in French, of course.

The lessons on the Fancy French Podcast are based on a textbook that can be downloaded for free from Google Books - Ollendorff's- "New Method of learning to Read, Write and Speak the French Language". This textbook takes the approach of treating French as a series of templates to be coded. Language is treated as an operating system. You simply code the templates, repeat out loud, and hey presto, you'll start to learn French in no time. The method works very well, and Ollendorff met with great success.

Why have I chosen a French textbook that uses the Ollendorff method? Simply because the structure of the text is ideally suited to learning by listening, and learning with an MP3 player. The goal of this method is to give you a high level of fluency, so that you can speak, read and write French with ease.

The exercises repeat the material learned with many slight variations - so you will be learning in a musical way, using the linguistic equivalent of musical scales.
These lessons are structured in accord with the same methodology that I have used successfully for my online lessons in Latin, on the Latinum podcast