Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ten Terrific Technology Projects for English or Foreign Language Learners

Do your English or foreign linguistic communication scholars ain or have got entree to any high-tech toys like Ipods, MP3 or MP4 players? How about a PC, digital photographic camera or cell telephone with picture-taking capacity? What about entree to an audio, digital or analogue (cassette tape) voice recorder? Using these devices and other high-tech toys, a host of fun, effectual acquisition undertakings can be assigned to and undertaken by your English Language Language as a Foreign Language learners.

Here are some starter motor suggestions that could be used with ESL (English as a Second Language), EFL (English as a Foreign Language) or foreign linguistic communication learners:

1. Your EFL or foreign linguistic communication scholars can set up essays, unwritten or written presentations on why or why not they should utilize their high-tech toys in class, in improver to suggestions on how they could effectively make so.

2. Rich Person the social class individually compose a summary or give an unwritten presentation of a favourite song on your Ipod, MP3 or MP4 player.

3. Another utile undertaking is to acquire the EFL scholars to depict the action, setting or scenario of a music or other type of picture on their MP4 player.

4. Get the scholars to give a written or unwritten discourse of a popular performing artist or music grouping complete with song and/or music picture examples.

5. How about having your social class set up an advertisement or commercial describing the characteristics and benefits of your digital camera, Ipod, cell phone, MP3 or MP4 player. They could record, movie and bring forth their "commercial" using whatever high-tech devices are available.

6. For an interesting out-of-class project, you can delegate the scholars to carry on a study series of what trade names / do and theoretical accounts of digital engineering merchandises your EFL social class has. The follow-up would be an original study or presentation of some type.

7. Rich Person each of your scholars depict what they like and/or disfavor about a high-tech toy they own. They could also then expound on why and how they defeat any "deficiencies" or disfavors they may have got and how these affect them.

8. Your scholars could give an oral, audio-visual or written presentation on how high-tech toys are utile in concern and education. They can expound on how their parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, etc. do usage of these items.

9. Past, Present and Future: Learners can explicate orally, in authorship or via an audio-visual presentation, what they, or others they know, did in the past without the devices they have got now, what they currently use their devices for, and what they believe these devices will develop into in the future. Students can pull pictures, make montages or usage realia in their presentations. My social classes really like and acquire into like this one.

10. Another interesting out-of-class undertaking that entreaties to many English and Foreign Language scholars is for you to delegate them to appraise high engineering web sites, stores, stores and providers for the different makes, theoretical accounts and trade names of a peculiar high-tech toy for assorted characteristics and prices. They can then describe these determinations to the social class utilizing charts, graphs, images, photographs and even realia.

Using these devices and other high-tech toys like Ipods, MP3 or MP4 players, Personal Computers (desktop or laptops), digital photographic camera or cell telephones with picture-taking capacity, and audio, digital or analogue (cassette tape) voice recorders, this host of fun, effectual acquisition undertakings can be assigned to and undertaken by your English as a Foreign Language scholars to enrich and enliven your classes. Try one or more than of these suggestions, modified to lawsuit your social classes and instruction state of affairs in one of your adjacent social class sessions. Then watch your English or Foreign Language scholars advancement like never before.

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