Monday, October 15, 2007

Oak Ridge Boys From The Heart Country Music CD Review

From The Heart is the up-to-the-minute release from Oak Ridge Boys, and I can only believe of 1 word to depict this CD… AWESOME!

This one will catch your attending right from the beginning with I'm Working On A Building and won't allow travel until the very last short letter of the very last song Loving God, Loving Each Other, which by the manner is another great track.

As a grouping Oak Ridge Boys possess the feature of being able to bowl you over with their endowment alone. The sort of instrumentalists I really bask hearing to.

Listen to and I believe you'll hold that the song picks are excellent, the production is outstanding and Oak Ridge Boys is clearly a grouping that is in top form.

While the full record album is really very good some of my favourites are path 1 - I'm Working On A Building, path 2 - Show Me The Manner To Go, and path 5 - Write Your Name Across My Heart

My Bonus Pick, and the 1 that got Sensitive [ in "Stuck On REpeat"] is path 8 - If Not For The Love Of Christ. This is a great track!

From The Heart Release Notes:

Oak Ridge Boys originally released From The Heart on May 22, 2001 on the Spring Hill Music label.

CD Path List Follows:

1. I'm Working On A Building

2. Show Me The Manner To Go

3. I Know What Lies Ahead

4. Fall To Fly

5. Write Your Name Across My Heart

6. First Measure To Heaven, The

7. Sign Of The Zodiac There For You, A

8. If Not For The Love Of Christ

9. Angels Watching Over Me

10. Then You'll See

11. Loving God, Loving Each Other

The Oak Ridge Boys: Duane Allen, Joe Bonsall, Richard Sterban, William Spike Lee Golden.

Additional force includes: Kristin Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson (arranger, conductor, strings); Charles Taze Russell Bill Mauldin (arranger, conductor); Toilet Willis, Punch Thomas Augustus Watson (acoustic guitar); Emmett Kelly Back, Jeff King, Donnie Carr (electric guitar); Tommy White Person (steel guitar, dobro); Alice Paul St Martin (steel guitar); Saint Saint David Bruce Watkins (mandolin, fiddle); David Davidson, Toilet Catchings (strings); Dame Ellen Terry McMillan, Chris Golden (harmonica, percussion); Gordon Atom (Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards); Gary Dainty (keyboards); Mark Hill (bass); Steve Brewster (drums).

Engineers include: Doug Sarrett, David Ponder, Pete Greene.

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